Automatic generation of Umbraco packages with Grunt

Manually creating Umbraco packages can be tiresome.

If you’re continuously building upon the same package, doing it manually is wasting time that can be more useful developing new features.

This problem presented itself to me when improving Approve It. In order to create the Umbraco package I need several things:

  • The main assembly
  • The new dashboard section html file
  • The App_Plugins folder which contains every angular controller and views, javascript frameworks and custom css
  • The Package Actions Contrib assembly and its respective actions that enable me to bundle some translations in the package

I decided to go with Grunt and the Grunt Umbraco Package task. A grunt file is a script that typically automates the process of executing some tasks. These scripts can be executed on top of NPM, a package manager for javscript that provides a command line tool to run its packages. To streamline even more the package creation, I installed a Visual Studio extension called NPM Scripts Task Runner, that detects the grunt file and provides a simples UI to handle its tasks.

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