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KendoUI Grid, OData, WebAPI and Entity Framework

In the latest project I was involved with, there was a need to present database tables data directly in the Umbraco’s backoffice, where all CRUD operations must be supported. This tables could be something like 1000 to 1 million rows and both the website and database would be hosted in Azure, in a WebApp and SQL Database respectively. Users should be able to create complex filters and order the data as they wish as well as update the data individually and in batch.

From the get-go there were some challenges we needed to overcome in order to create an usable system, that was user-friendly, fast, reliable, and where no conflitcts would come up when data was being updated from multiple users.

The solution was a new Umbraco Package we called Search Manager (since the database tables ultimately feed an Azure Search index) that uses Telerik’s Kendo UI Grid, WebAPI and Entity Framework. The following presents the process it took to reach the end result.

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