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Azure CDN, BlobStorage and ImageResizer

In a recent project, we had the need to serve website assets and website content images through a CDN network. Furthermore, each image presented in the website content must be available in multiple resolutions.

We ended up serving both the assets and content images through the same Microsoft Azure CDN. This post describes the way we implemented it.

First the easiest part. We have our site in a Azure Website, in order to serve the site’s assets through an Azure CDN we only needed to point the CDN to the website’s URL. So, if the website’s assets are located in something like http://sitedomain/assets/*, instead of referencing the assets through a relative url such as /assets/*, we just need to use the CDN url to serve them: http://cdnurl/assets/*. Through web.config transforms we are also able to use local assets during development and change to CDN only on the production environment.

Regarding the website image content, the solution has three phases.

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