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Remote resource handling in a MVC website project

I don’t have very fond memories of using .Net resource files (.resx) to handle the translation of static web page elements such as form labels.

The Visual Studio resx editor was slow and using it to change resources that were more than a single line of text was a pain. I still have nightmares where I’m trying to edit complete email templates on a single field of a resx file…

The biggest problem with resource files, however, is that they are included in the project. This creates a problem for both the developers and the content managers, since the content managers are not able to change resources themselves, and the developers need to be changing resources files when they could be doing something productive.

The following will show a way to handle resource items in a MVC website project, where the resources can be stored wherever they are more easily handled by content managers: a SharePoint list, a database table, an excel file, or something completely different.

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