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Day @ Office Episode 1.S2 – No Wifi! No Problem!

The new Day@Office episode is about the new OneDrive feature: Files-On Demand.

With Files On-Demand , managing synched files with OneDrive has never been easier. With Files On-Demand you can list a complete library in your local OneDrive folder and select which specific files you need to synchronize to your device  without taking the whole disk space with files that you rarely use.


To enable Files On-Demand you just follow these steps:

1 – Click on your OneDrive icon

2 – Click on “more actions”

3 – Select “Settings”

3 – On the “Settings” tab check “Save space and download files as you need them”

Once configured you future syncs with document libraries will work as follows:

  • A link to each library file will be created in your local folder
  • Each file or set can be defined to keep a local copy or not
  • When you open cloud file that exists in a synchronized document library a copy of the document will be downloaded to your sync folder.

Interested in getting to know more?

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Spread the word: Guest access for Microsoft Teams is here.

Lets just spread the word: Guest Access for Office365  Microsoft Teams is here!

Take a look at the description.

Is this another step for a major revelation in the upcoming weeks or just  a good reason to get back to a new Day@Office episode? 🙂


Day @ Office Episode #5 – Onboarding Talent

Have you ever turned a new team member in complete burnout by information overflow? This is how we can help you.

Day @ Office Episode #4 – Ups! Need to rescue THAT document!

Ever lost someone else’s work while saving yours? We’ve all been there. This is how we use O365 version history to recover lost work.

Day @ Office Episode #3 – Collaborate without creating duplicates

Tired and confused while compiling document[VersionA].doc with document[VersionB].doc from your team while you were already creating a new version of the “original with changes”?

Stop hurting yourself!

Try co-authoring, it’s easy, integrated a agile. See how on the video below:

Day@Office Episode #2 – Fast presentations with great images

Ever wondered how you can reduce all that time searching for the perfect picture image for your powerpoint presentation?

Now imagine that you could do all that without leaving the PowerPoint application window…..

Here is how in the new Day@Office episode:

O365 Groups Vs Yammer Groups Vs Microsoft Teams a brief comparison.

The first time I logged on to Yammer a couple of years ago I said “wow, whenever they find the time to integrate this with a community site it will be the best collaborative solution ever!” I was told I would have to wait a couple of months… well it took a little bit longer but it finally happen! Great day, except that meanwhile, communities are dead, Office 365 groups were born and Microsoft Teams is getting its space. What now? What should I do?

My answer is clear: it depends on the scenario constraints and on the experience that you want to provide. One way to provide an answer to this is to have a clear assessment of the pros and cons of each solution. Today I present my contribution to this daunting task by summarizing the  availability for users and guests (users outside the organization) of some of the most relevant functions  of Yammer Groups, O365 as well as an attempt to tackle these by combining Microsoft Teams and of the combination of Yammer Group with a Team Site as well as an Office365 Group with a Yammer channel.

Office Groups users and guests compare
Microsoft Teams users and guests compare
Yammer Groups users and guests compare

Day@Office #1 – Schedule a team meeting with a single message

Hi everyone,

today I’m proud to announce the first episode of my new web series Day@Office where I will present many very short films with Office365 productivity tricks.

Please enjoy, comment, share and have a wonderful and productive day !

User Adoption – Is the cup half full our half empty?

Whenever a client presents a challenge (aka hard problem to solve) there is this temptation to focus on the things that, in the opinion of the person representing the client business, are missing in their day-to-day work. When we follow this path we end up building solutions based on this person’s perspective of what his organization should be. While some may say that this way we are building the best solution for the organization,  because we are focusing on the best solution involving the best people, others will argue exactly the opposite since we are not considering the organization’s knowledge and improving it. Having seen success and failure cases in both perspectives I’m inclined to say that both perspectives are right and also wrong at the same time since they depend on so many other elements such as timing, culture, IT knowledge among many other either controlled and uncontrolled elements like user adoption.

Picture a Cup

When a client presents me a problem, sorry a challenge, I try to picture a cup. The client presents a me an empty cup. Since my development team is excellent in implementing the technical solution that will fill that cup, my first impulse is to assess the right measurement of the cup and fill it. Everybody knows that this is how we get business done right? There’s an empty cup we fill it and the client is satisfied. The client will eventually come back whenever he finds another cup to fill. Right? Wrong! Filling the glass is not going to dry the clients’ thirst if it doesn’t respond to his organization needs and the project will fail. When a client presents me with an empty cup I shouldn’t be asking how will i fill that cup, I should be asking what is causing this person to be so thirsty and how do I get him to drink?

Resultado de imagem para half empty cup

Fill it correctly

Filling the glass is not going to dry the clients’ thirst if it doesn’t respond to his organization needs. By making an effort to understand the client’s perspective of an empty cup we end up finding more about his business. We get a clearer picture of the cup’s capacity, and find out that it might not be that empty after-all. I found out that most of the times this happens because I’m talking to someone that is so focused on making a change that gets absorbed by the empty portion of the cup. If we fill the cup exactly like it is being asked the cup will spill. A good solution builds upon the existing water and fills the cup right to its optimal capacity.

Don’t Drink it!

And now that that the cup was correctly filled, the client drinks it and we go home. Right? Wrong!! While your client’s representative may seem satisfied with that beautiful clear water that your team provided he will quickly find out that he has no idea on how to drink from that cup. I mean really drink it in a way that will dry everyone’s thirst around him.

Yes clients do that. And yes you should know better 🙂 What your client needs is someone to help him bring the  water to rest of the organization, someone that bridges the gap between his business and the tech solution.

Propose a toast

Literally means propose a toast. Bring everyone together to the same exact point. They will find disconfort and try to resist at first, but once they get up be sure to let them know what their are holding and where we can go together. Make the best wishes and drink together.

The day after

Well… not the exactly day after because you left your client really satisfied. Lets say sometime after, the same client will improve and starting looking to that very same glass in a different perspective, but this time you will not be looking at the client’s half empty or half full cup. You will be looking at the cup of a client that is continuously growing with you.

Now can you see what user adoption means?

Modern Workplaces are here to stay and it’s up to you to make your life better with them.

These last two weeks have been very exciting for Modern Workplace enthusiasts. Microsoft launched Microsoft Teams and  at Web Summit there were many topics related with the impact of technologies in the worplace and work-life balance.  At the summit, Sean Ryan’s had a very exciting presentation of Workplace by Facebook and Bill Brigs (CTO, Deloitte) debated with Charles Manning (CEO, Kocahava) on whether  “Technology has destroyed work-life balance” or not.

Although you can safely assume that I’m incredibly biased towards the positive side of the debate (just take a peak at my taskbar in the picture below), I will still share my opinion with you: “Modern Workplaces are here to stay and it’s up to you to make your life better with it”

My taskbar presenting Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Sype for Business, WhatsApp and Delve

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