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Office 365 – New Microsoft Forms

Hi Everyone!!

Recently Microsoft introduce the new Microsoft Forms!!! I confess this solution it is amazing because provides a new way to build Forms and Surveys with a friendly interface and very rich in terms of features and potential… we at Create IT had the opportunity to explore and use it a lot to get some feedback about some events that we are planning.

Microsoft Forms is available on your App Launch of your Office 365.

It is easy to create a Form, you will have different types of question like Choice, Test, Rating and Date. Also you can apply a default Theme or you can upload your custom picture and will be the background of your Form.

You have a special tab – Response -where you can look all the responses of your team an get the results.

Today Microsoft introduce a new Feature – Excel Survey – this update allows Microsoft Excel users to easily create surveys and collect responses within their workbooks, and take advantage of most of the features available in Microsoft Forms.


A new type of question was introduced – Ranking –  users  can now ask respondents to rank answer choices, and their responses will be aggregated and visualized for easy analysis. Ranking is a great way for survey creators to understand their personal preferences.

Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Flow integration are connected, users can now define connectors for Microsoft Forms via Microsoft Flow. A great use case for this is setting up a connector to receive the email notifications whenever a new response is submitted for a survey or quiz.



Fábio Carvalho
SharePoint Consultant