SharePoint Solution Deployment project template

I was searching on google, a way to simplify the deployment of Sharepoin Solution.

Then i found this post to a SharePoint Solution Deployment project template and was exacly what i was looking for.

You just need to download the zip file and put it in ..\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C# and open Visual Studio 2005 and you have a project to create a Sharepoint Solution.

Before building the wsp you need to change the SolutionId= on the CreateManifest.vbs.

If necessary you can add folder to other sharepoint folders, like  "Images" for example, and add your images to it.

After that build the project and that you have your manifest.xml and XXX.wsp files.

The next step is to find ou build an application to install the solution with all necessary stsadm commands:

Adding Solution
Deploying Solution
Retract Solution
Remove Solution
Activate Feature