Retracting a WSS 3.0 Solution

On WSS or MOSS it's easy to retract and remove solutions but sometimes the process gets stuck.
And when this happens we have only one solution to the problem.


When the solution status maintains for along time with "Retracted…." whe need to delete the job that is attached to this retraction process.

To do that we need to go the Timer Job Definitions, find our solution retraction Job and click on it's description.

After clicking on the Job description the page in the image bellow will show up, click on the delete button.

Now our solution is free with no Job attached to it and we can run the stsadm -o retractsolution command.
This command will create a job like the command on the Central Administration Window, but for some reason this will actually retract the solution.

stsadm.exe -o retractsolution
            -name <Solution name>
           [-url <virtual server url>]
           [-time <time to remove at>]
           [-lcid <language>]

Strange problem when Publishing Infopath Forms to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Today one of my colleague, actually one of my bosses 🙂 was preparing a MOSS presentation and when he was Publishing a InfoPath Form to MOSS a strange thing happened.

The url inserted on InfoPath was http://SERVER/sites/xpto and InfoPath returned an error message alerting that there wasn't a SharePoint site on that url but on in IE it works just fine.

Then we discoverd the problem, the http://SERVER/ site didn't have a Site Collection created, when we've created the site collection InfoPath stardet working just fine :).

Deleting Page Layouts on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server WCM

Sometimes when i want to delete a MOSS WCM Page Layout, Sharepoint Designer tells me that the Page Layout has page attached to him even when i know that there is no page attached to it.

 So how can i delete this Page Layout ?

What i did to delete it is very simple, create a new folder on SharePoint Designer drag or cut and page the Page Layout file into the new folder. Then delete the folder.

Simple isn't it :).