Mix 2010 Day 2 Keynote

Here is summary of this session:

  • IE9
    • IE9 is optimized for HTML 5
    • It passes all http://www.css3.info/ script tests and scores 55 in http://acid3.acidtests.org/ test
    • It uses more GPU power using Windows 7 Graphics Capabilities
    • New Developer Toolbar for HTML 5 standards (we can change SVG graphics in real time like css)
    • HTML 5 Video (podemos testar no youtube http://www.youtube.com/html5) you need to use the IE9 preview
    • We can use opacity, also in videos, rounded corners using border radius
    • New Javascript Engine
    • Preview Version (download and demos): http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/ it will be updated from 8 to 8 weeks (more or less)
  • Visual Studio 2010 & .Net 4.0 (RTM launch in April)
    • Multi-monitor support with one single instance (html in one monitor, .cs in another)
    • Better intellisense
    • Better code visualization
    • Better profiling and debugging
    • ASP.net controls with clean html using css
    • Smaller View State
    • Semantic URL out of the box
    • New for Controls (chart, data…)
    • New ASP.NET MVC 2 (built in with VS 2010)
    • Sequence Diagram for a method
    • New JQuery Plugins (template, data binding)
    • Better Ajax Development with intellisense with quicker response for javascript libraries
    • New .config for each stage (development, staging, production) with more simple deployment
    • Box select (select text from different lines that start and end on the same position and change the text)
  • OData Protocol http://www.odata.org/  
    • http://odata.netflix.com/Catalog (real example of a Windows Azure site running a WCF Data Service with SQL Azure) it’s case sensitive, example http://odata.netflix.com/Catalog/CatalogTitles
    • SharePoint 2010 has OData protocol for lists
    • In Visual Studio 2010 this is a WCF Data Services (aka Astoria)
    • Houston project will allow to create and manage database’s in SQL Azure using the browser and Silverlight on Azure Portal
    • New project that will allow us to create WCF Data Services from a SQL Azure table in the browser on Azure Portal
    • Excel 2010 PowerPivot can get data from OData Services
    • Microsoft Codename Dallas (http://pinpoint.microsoft.com/en-US/Dallas)
      • Find, purchase and manage datasets to power your applications
      • The client can create datasets with the columns necessary for is application

SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010 Launch Date

It's official May 12th, 2010, is the launch date for SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010.

In addition, Microsoft announced the intent to RTM (Release to Manufacturing) this April 2010.

This is great news, you can virtually join the launch event in May 12th at 11am EST to listen to Stephen Elop, President of the Microsoft Business Division, announce the launch.

You can register for the event @ http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/businessproductivity/proof/pages/2010-launch-events.aspx.