Highlights from Microsoft’s CES 2011 Keynote

Windows Phone 7 edition

Steve also gave us the latest WP 7 stats:

There are currently around 5,500 apps available on the Marketplace
100 new apps added every 24 hours
22,000 registered developers
Most customers are downloading a new app every day
9/10 Windows Phone 7 customers on AT&T would recommend it to a friend

The update that will automatically be pushed to customers soon and will bring Copy/Paste support, CDMA support, bug fixes, and “significant” performance improvements when opening and switching apps.

Games coming soon/available on Windows Phone:

Rise of Glory
Full House Poker
Fable Coin Golf
Halo Waypoint
Fruit Ninja
DeBlob Revolution
Parachute Panic
Game room: Centipede
Game room: Shao Lin’s Road
Game room: Asteroids Deluxe
Assassin’s Creed
Pocket God
Zombie Attack! 2
PES 2011 (Pro Evolution Soccer)
The Sims 3
Need for Speed Undercover
Star Wars: Cantina

XBOX 360

They’ve sold a huge amount of Kinect — 8 million, far more than the 5 million they predicted.

Surface v2.0

Size: Gone is the gigantic, 500 pound box of death. The wall-mounted surface that Microsoft demonstrated on today was about the thickness of a mid-range LCD TV.

Clunkiness: Surface v2 uses something called “Pixel Sense”, which Microsoft says “uses every pixel as a camera”.