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Web services Contract-First, for real

WSCF 0.4 “Web services Contract-First, for real”
We featured the WsContractFirst Add-In in an earlier post, but Christian let me know they have a much improved release of WSCF now.
New Features in v0.4 (compared to v0.3):
  • WSDL creation wizard
  • Abstracts away WSDL details.
  • WSDL conforms to WS-I BP 1.0 recommendations.
  • Only Doc/literal support
  • One portType per WSDL.
  • One binding per WSDL.
  • One header per message.
  • No fault support.
  • Documentation items.
  • Right-click message .XSD file in VS.NET to start wizard.
  • No round-tripping, i.e. currently one-way WSDL generation only.
  • Command line interface (wscf.exe), for including the code generation features in batch files or build environments.
  • Intrinsic support for RPC/literal WSDL descriptions.
  • Adds task list items for important steps to take care of after code generation.
  • Should run with VS.NET 2002.
    Blog Review
    Via smguest: “In short, this tool rocks. It works as follows: You create an XSD using your favorite editor (for example, Visual Studio .NET or XMLSpy) and import it into your Visual Studio .NET project. Right clicking on the XSD in Solution Explorer brings up an option to generate a WSDL file. “