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PCNS Installation

First of all, thanks to Mário Rufino and Luis Guido from Microsoft Portugal for providing support during the PCNS installation.

PCNS was installed in two domain controllers for the same domain in a large forest. Because none of the servers had the Schema Master role, the first time that the PASSWORD CHANGE NOTIFICATION SERVICE.MSI was executed was to update the schema in the Schema Master.

After the schema update we had to wait for the schema propagation to take place so we waited until the schema was updated thru all the domain controllers.

After that we just had to execute once more the PASSWORD CHANGE NOTIFICATION SERVICE.MSI in the two domain controllers that are going to receive the requests for password changes.

Enable Soap logs for Windows Live MA 2.0

At c: you find an xml file – SoapTraceConfig.xml – where you can enable the soap logs.

<?xml version=’1.0′?>
    <!–Possible Flag values: AllRequests, FailedRequests, SuccessfulRequests, NoRequests–>
    <!–Absolute path to store Soap Request/Response Xmls.  –>

You just have to replace the Flag value by AllRequests to get detailed log files

Windows Live MA 2.0 additionally attributes

Thanks to Shawn Lloyd from Microsoft support team for this information.

I tried to set some additionally attributes like country, timezone, …, but I was getting some errors in the export log file

<BeginExport time="12-11-2007 10:37:06">
<ExportEntry time = "12-11-2007 10:37:10" SigninName = "" ModType = "Add">
<error action="Exception" time="12-11-2007 10:37:14">
<![CDATA[[Exception] : <ErrorCode>0x80048112</ErrorCode>
<ErrorDescription>Multiple Errors Occurred</ErrorDescription>
    <ErrorDescription>No error description</ErrorDescription>
</MultipleErrors><p:userData xmlns:p=""><p:dataOwner>00037FFE8B02F0CF</p:dataOwner><p:propertyCollection name="Addresses_CS"><p:property name="Home.Country">PT</p:property></p:propertyCollection><p:propertyCollection name="Authorization_CS"><p:property name="MSNTOUVersion">-1</p:property><p:property name="F2_Hotmail">1</p:property></p:propertyCollection></p:userData>
[Stack trace] :    at Microsoft.Passport.MIIS_ExtensibleMA.PassportMA.HandleSoapException(String strExceptionSource, String strRelatedInfo, SoapException e)
   at Microsoft.Passport.MIIS_ExtensibleMA.PassportMA.CreateUserProfile(ProfilePropertyBag ProfBag, Boolean fF2Hotmail, Boolean& fProfDup)
   at Microsoft.Passport.MIIS_ExtensibleMA.PassportExtensibleMA.ExportEntry(ModificationType modType, String[] astrChangedAttributes, CSEntry csEntry)
[Source] :

<EndExport time="12-11-2007 10:37:14"/>

It seems that there are some attributes that are interdependent so here is the dependencies that I'm aware:

| Attribute | Required Attributes |
|Birthdate | Country | | |
|Country | Birthdate | | |
|TimeZone | CountryCode | RegionCode | |
|RegionCode | Country | | |

I tried to set the birthday (dd:mm:yyyy) (yes! colons instead of hyphens) and the country and it worked!

Windows Live ID and MIIS Service Account

To the management agent work correctly with Windows Live the MIIS Service Account must be a member of the local administrators group.

If you don't follow this rule you get a stop-extension-dll-exception and in the event log you get:

"System.NullReferenceException: Object.reference not set to an instance of an object"
Microsoft.Passport.MIIS_ExtensibleMA.PassportExtensibleMA.WriteLog(String type, String message, String action, String SigninName, string Password, String strNow)"