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100 hours of fun: Tuga IT 2017!

Tuga IT is surely one of the best and biggest tech events happening at Portugal.

Look at this:

A three-day event with a full day of workshops and two full days of sessions, with 8 parallel tracks on Saturday! More than 100 hours of fun!

Wait! There’s more..

The sessions will be presented by world class speakers talking about some of the most exciting technologies from Azure to a full Open Source track, Enterprise Integration, Agile, DevOps, IoT, Machine Learning and much more.

All this at the price of 10€ for the lunch option or absolutely free for the no-lunch option (the workshops have a separate price ofc).

Finally, the most important reason to attend:

I will be doing a session there (a-ha!) on Saturday May 21st about Azure Search and Amazon CloudSearch!

Make sure to stop by! You can register here.