SharePoint Scenarios – Online, On-Premises or Hybrid!?

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Today i’m going to talk about SharePoint Scenarios and what are the main difference between this three types of scenarios and what scenario should be the option for your environment…

So, the three types of architecture scenario that you can have on your SharePoint environment are the following:

What should you choose?! Well in fact there are so many question that you need answered before take an decision!?


It isn’t easy take a decision, let’s analyse what are the main benefits each architecture:

SharePoint On-Premises:

  • Private Cloud
  • Dedicated environment
  • Internally hosted
  • Internally managed
  • Internal designed
Control PerformanceCost of internal resources (staff, hardware, software, etc)
Scale Up and Scale OutAdditional Geographic redundancy costs
Reduces Bandwidth requirementsDisaster Recovery dependent on internal capabilities
Full CustomizationScale Up/Out Cost( SW/HW)
Full Server and SQL DatabasePatching Servers/farms
Migrate as NeededExtra configurations for External Collaboration
Seamless Single Sign on with Corporate Active Directory
  • Migration Flow:

SharePoint Online:

  • Public Cloud
  • Partially or fully dedicated
  • Externally hosted
  • Externally or Internally managed
  • Internally managed
  • Minimal customization

Cloud benefits according to cloud users?

  • Increase efficiency (55 %)
  • Improved employee mobility (49 %)
  • Increased ability to Innovate (32 %)
  • Freed current IT staff for other projects (31 %)
  • Reduce IT operation costs (25 %)
  • Enabled us to offer new products/ services (24 %)
Uptime 99.99%More ISP Bandwidth
Multiple Data centersLimited Customizations
Shorted release cycleRecovery SLAs
Geographically redundant and ScalabilityNo Server access
Managed Services ( SaaS)
Pay as you go ( Low Cost )
Reduced impact on internal IT resources
  • Migration Flow:

SharePoint Hybrid Solution:

What is Hybrid SharePoint?

“Productivity services in SharePoint Online (Office 365) which are securely integrated with on-premises SharePoint Server 2016 to provide unified functionality and access to data.”

Why considering a Hybrid SharePoint Solution?

  • Large existing investments (customized SP deployments w/lots of data and settings,custom solutions, LOB systems, etc…)
  • Functionalities I can’t do in the Cloud that i can do on premises;
  • Keep Sensitive Data on Premise
  • Collaboration with External Partners
  • Capacity Flexibility
  • Intranet – Extranet
  • Geo Location

Same Benefits of Hybrid SharePoint Solution?

SharePoint Business to Business Collaboration: Extranet for Partners with Office 365

“on-premises extranet site involves complex configuration to establish security measures and governance, including granting access inside the corporate firewall, and expensive initial and on-going cost….SharePoint Online, partners connect directly to a members-only site in Office 365, without access to the corporate on-premises environment or any other Office 365 site. Office 365 Extranet sites can be accessed anywhere…”

SharePoint hybrid sites and search

“A hybrid environment can help your company get started in the cloud, taking a first step to explore the cloud functionality at own your pace. It also enables enterprise users to be connected from almost anywhere to the resources and content they need… SharePoint hybrid features, you can consolidate search results between SharePoint Server and Office 365, consolidate user profiles in Office 365, and offload your users’ personal storage to the cloud…”

  • Migration/Interactions Flow:


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