Latency test between Azure and On-Premises – Conclusions

And when all testing’s complete… A final review is coming! So, brace yourselves and let’s start with a graph ?

Note: 5MB results must be multiplied by 10 (value x 10)

Here are the results. All of them. Don’t forget to multiply 5MB results by 10!

With the graph below, we can check how message sizes influence latency. After doing some math, these are the results:


As we can confirm, latency follows an exponential growing rate, which means, the bigger the message, even greater will be latency. We can confirm that, for each scenario, this applies.

But what does it tell me? This tells you that you need to be careful if you’re planning on sending big messages between two points. This exponential growing rate applies to all scenarios!

All values listed and noted, so we gave tests a score. This score is calculated by adding all three results (10kb, 100kb and 5mb) and dividing all by three. This will give us average execution time. For your best understanding, below is an exponential graph. This climbs faster and faster to infinity, being the horizontal axle message sizes, and the vertical one latency:


Now for the results!

As we can check, Test #2 (Local On-Premises LAN) was the winner here, latency wise. This was expected. Although this is the fastest, it’s the riskiest and NOT RECOMMENDED! It’s true that latency is reduced, but with only ~53ms difference between Azure Site-to-Site on a 100Kb message, is it worth to have a full infrastructure depending on your maintenance? And the networking gear it requires? What about having someone responsible for the room 24/7? How about costs? Think about it! Think about savings when migrating your business to Cloud!

Second place goes to HTTP without VPN (Exposed services). Not a Cloud solution, and a risky one too! If you like hackers messing with your vital business services and trying to break in from all over the world 24/7, go right ahead!

Regarding fast and safe Cloud solutions, which is the main reason of reading this document after all, the winner was Test #4 (Azure Site-to-Site VPN), getting third place on the board, by a difference of 8 points! This managed to be the safest, more efficient and with 99.9% uptime method of expanding your office or network, and have a low-latency data exchange. This is the optimal and safer solution. No hackers, no maintenance, no worries!

Consult us to migrate your business! You’re at the doorstep to your future!



For full test specifications, read here!

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