Latency test between Azure and On-Premises – Part Four

Starting with a real-world application of Azure (it’s used here on Create), this scenario is a direct 24/7 VPN link to a gateway in Azure. This is a business-oriented solution. The whole on-premises network is connected to a whole network of devices in Azure (only the ones associated to this VPN gateway obviously).

Consider it as an extended office, with VMs and Azure Functions running outside your premises, as if they were there right next to you! It’s the future.

We’ll be using the same messages, as well the same service-client logic (Via HTTP GET). Instead of using TeamViewer VPN or exposing our service, we’ll use a secure VPN connection to a gateway, that has one VM that’s running the client app associated to it.


We’ll start by doing 10kb, following 100kb and 5MB. Again, this is the most common scenario nowadays!

Test #4 10kb message

Running 10kb of data through Azure VPN Site-to-Site is surely a piece of cake.

It took ~44ms to execute! It’s roughly the same as 263bits through TeamViewer VPN! Using the same 10kb, this test scenario has a reduced execution time of~20ms! Now that’s an improvement. A secure, tight VPN to Azure, site-to-site, with reduced latency! That’s quite a hit in P2P (Peer-to-Peer) VPN connections!

Test #4 100kb message

Well, after seeing a ~20ms drop with a 10kb message, will execution times drop with a message that’s 10 times bigger?


Remember how TeamViewer VPN managed ~100ms on this test? If that’s quick, this is blazing fast! Less ~30ms than P2P VPN solution. Azure Site-to-Site connection is proving to be better than TeamViewer, and only ~9ms slower than HTTP without VPN. Let’s go for 5MB.

Test #4 5MB message

Let’s go through the ultimate test. Can we saturate the Azure VPN connection with this?


Well, that’s astonishing. For a message this size, execution time it’s greater by ~150ms only! Guess that’s the price to pay for a secure tunnel. Direct HTTP execution times are smaller, but considering risk over latency, this is a great and optimal candidate.

Overall test discussion

Well, this did prove me wrong. Initially, I had the idea that TeamViewers’ P2P VPN connection was born to be faster, but it’s not! Azure Site-to-Site is faster, safer, scalable and available to multiple devices, both on Azure and on-premises. Personally, I think this solution is optimal for enterprise integration, as is your business logic needs. For a fast and secure connection to Cloud computing, this is an excellent candidate. It has 99.9% uptime, which is great for 24/7 intensive data crunching or message exchanging.


Proceed to test #5 here!

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