Disable notifications

New email notifications are a big distraction. Disable them!

Archive processed email

Archive emails that you don’t need to take further actions. In your inbox, you should have only the things you need to do, not those you have already done.

I personally have only one archive folder, you might need to have more, but try to keep it simple!

If you have never archived your emails, archiving everything now might take several hours, but is well worth it! Also, it should not take any of your time, as it can be done overnight.

Use tasks and calendar appointments

Use tasks for things that can be done quickly (less than 30min).

Use calendar appointments for bigger tasks (more than 30min).

Setup calendar and tasks on the main screen

Have all the information you need on the main screen to avoid extra clicks and loading wait times!

Use drag and drop

Take full advantage of drag-and-drop for moving files and creating tasks and events!

Keep windows small

Don’t open your emails on a big window, it’s easier to read on a smaller screen (like books).

Use the file preview feature

Preview your files directly on the email.

Colour direct emails

Distinguish emails sent directly to you with colour!

Don’t abuse folder rules

Use folder rules wisely. If you have too many rules and folders, you might lose time checking them all.


I hope this was helpful,

Thanks for reading!

Mário Nunes


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