It seems a lot happened at Integrate 2014!

I’ve been reading all the stuff being written and it’s clear: the Microservices architecture has brought a big wave of surprise and enthusiasm around the BizTalk community! I leave you with some links and quotes I found relevant about the topic.

Edit: integrate videos available here

Integrate 2014

“Simply sit back, relax and watch this space for next few months!! there are tons of things happing, all good for people coming from Microsoft integration background” – Saravana Kumar

Integrate 2014 – RECAP

“Integration is no longer a vertical solution, it’s core to the application platform” – Kent Weare

Microsoft making big bets on Microservices

Integrate 2014 – Final Thoughts

“Microservices is not the name of the product, it’s a way you can build Stuff”

“BizTalk Services Isn’t Going Away, It’s Being Aligned to a Microservices Architecture”

“It’s a Good Day To Be a BizTalk Dev”

Integration and Microservices

“I cannot resist the temptation to call this new world ‘microPaaS’, or µPaaS” – Charles Young

BizTalk Microservices, Integrate 2014 and all my thoughts

“I’m pretty sure that what Power BI covers will replace our Business Activity Monitoring” – Nino Crudele

BizTalk Server, Microservices & APIs

Integrate 2014: Thoughts on the Announcement of the BizTalk Microservices Platform

“My immediate reaction was: this is Docker!” – James Corbould

Docker and Microsoft Partner to Drive Adoption of Distributed Applications to Every Enterprise Operating System and Cloud

“Microsoft and Docker share a common vision that multi-container applications should be assembled using both Dockerized Windows and Dockerized Linux components.”


About Microservices

Microservices (by Martin Fowler)

Microservices Relax

WaveMaker Unveils New API Designer for Enterprise Developers Using Microservices Architecture


Upcoming Events

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