BTDF – How to config BRE policies or vocabularies

Greetings to all BizTalk programmers 🙂

There’s not much information how to properly add a BRE rule in a BTDF deployment script.
It’s very easy to put it to work, but not so easy to get it there.

Just follow the below instructions :

  1. Create the rule in Business Rule Composer.
  2. Use the Rules Engine Deployment Wizard to export the created policy or vocabulary xml.

  3. Put the exported policy or vocabulary xml in a VS project folder (I advise to put in Deployment/BRE/Policies folder).
  4. Edit btdfproj file (if you dont’t know how to set this file, check codeplex BTDF site
  5. Set “IncludeVocabAndRules” element with the value “true”.
  6. Add the following elements  (set the policy or vocabulary xml name and location).
  7. The BRE rules are always updated after MSI or VS deploy by executing the options “Deploy BizTalk solution” or “Deploy Rules or Vocabularies”.

This configuration also works with environment settings variables (${variablename}), allowing us for example to set different policy data in quality and production environments.

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