Day @ Office Episode 1.S2 – No Wifi! No Problem!


The new Day@Office episode is about the new OneDrive feature: Files-On Demand.

With Files On-Demand , managing synched files with OneDrive has never been easier. With Files On-Demand you can list a complete library in your local OneDrive folder and select which specific files you need to synchronize to your device  without taking the whole disk space with files that you rarely use.


To enable Files On-Demand you just follow these steps:

1 – Click on your OneDrive icon

2 – Click on “more actions”

3 – Select “Settings”

3 – On the “Settings” tab check “Save space and download files as you need them”

Once configured you future syncs with document libraries will work as follows:

  • A link to each library file will be created in your local folder
  • Each file or set can be defined to keep a local copy or not
  • When you open cloud file that exists in a synchronized document library a copy of the document will be downloaded to your sync folder.

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