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Today i will show you how can you get internal field names in a SharePoint List Items.
As you know SharePoint have two types of Names – Internal Name and Display Name, it is extremity important when you are developing SharePoint solution get your fields by internal name, the InternalName never changes, you only can change DisplayName, this maintain your solution stable.

So let’s Look some ways to get the Internal Name:

  1. Open the List Settings page
  2. Under the Columns section, select a column to view the Edit Column page
  3. The URL of this page includes the internal name in the query string. For example, the URL for the Created By field includes the following query string List=%7BF641CEF1%2DCDE2%2D49E1%2D9800%2D861A408EF890%7D&Field=Author. The value for the Field parameter, Author, is the internal name for Created By.

You can also apply a sort order on your list view on the column that you want get the internal name, this will generate an URL that contains the Internal Name:


Now i will demonstrate how you can get Internal Name by Display Name using SPGetStaticFromDisplay


var internalName = $().SPServices.SPGetStaticFromDisplay ({
  listName: "Cars",
  columnDisplayName: "Car Models"

Read more: http://sympmarc.com/2015/01/27/get-the-internalname-for-a-sharepoint-list-column/


Fábio Carvalho
SharePoint Consultant



  1. Very good written article. It will be supportive to anyone who utilizes it, including me. Keep doing what you are doing – can’t wait to read more posts.


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