The first time I logged on to Yammer a couple of years ago I said “wow, whenever they find the time to integrate this with a community site it will be the best collaborative solution ever!” I was told I would have to wait a couple of months… well it took a little bit longer but it finally happen! Great day, except that meanwhile, communities are dead, Office 365 groups were born and Microsoft Teams is getting its space. What now? What should I do?

My answer is clear: it depends on the scenario constraints and on the experience that you want to provide. One way to provide an answer to this is to have a clear assessment of the pros and cons of each solution. Today I present my contribution to this daunting task by summarizing the  availability for users and guests (users outside the organization) of some of the most relevant functions  of Yammer Groups, O365 as well as an attempt to tackle these by combining Microsoft Teams and of the combination of Yammer Group with a Team Site as well as an Office365 Group with a Yammer channel.

Office Groups users and guests compare
Microsoft Teams users and guests compare
Yammer Groups users and guests compare


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